Friday, July 31, 2009

Biography – Phuntsog Angmo

Angmo is a ten year old Ladakhi girl who lives in Thiksey. She has attended the Druk White Lotus School since she was nursery age. Her father is a doctor and a singer and her mother is a housewife. She has a younger brother, Jigmat Dorjay, who is 8yrs old and also attends the DWLS. Both Angmo and Dorjay ride the bus to school each morning. English is her favorite subject at school and she enjoys reading books from the school library. Angmo learned Budhist prayers at school during the morning ritual. She likes the idea of having more gardens at DWLS. She especially would like to see more fruit trees and flowers, of which roses are her favorite. When she grows up, Angmo would like to be either a nurse or an air hostess. Her favorite places to travel are Durbok, Tangtse, and Leh. Her hobbies include, watching TV, bicycling, playing, singing, and dancing. Angmo’s favorite festival is in Losar. She also travels to Shey Palace every year for its festival.

Angmo and I met on the last day of school at the DWLS. She asked me if I would be her pen pal and we exchanged addresses. We then interviewed each other in English. She is quite fluent and spoke casually and freely. When I didn’t understand a word, she would write it out for me and as I wrote out the questions to ask her, she read along. For a 10 year old, like most DWL students, Angmo is extremely curious and bright. She is a great example of Ladakh’s promising future and the influence the Druk White Lotus School is having on the youngest Ladakhi generation.

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